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Weiss Deli Front

Weiss Deli

2744 N Green Valley Pkwy
Henderson , 89014
(702) 454-0565
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Hours: 7 Days, 8am-4pm

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I go to Trader Joe's quite often; and you'd hardly know this place is here. I've never seen anyone eating outside, even before the heat arrived. I've never seen anyone go in or come out. In fact if you told me its was closed I wouldn't have argued with you.

Approaching the place, a man is sleeping on one of the tables, in the shade on a 102 degree day. Nobody with a heart can deny a homeless man some shade.

Weiss Deli Homeless Dude

The front door is old school; this is how businesses used to communication with their customers. Some still do.

Weiss Deli Front Door

Inside is something resembling an old school Jewish Deli. There are actually people. How did they get here? It's 3:15pm and they close at 4pm, so this is the tail end of lunch.

Weiss Deli Inside 2

There's a long line for take out. People know about this place.

Weiss Take Out Line

I landed a rare booth, mainly because it was late and nobody else was coming in.

Weiss Booth

I was going to have 1/2 Sandwich with Soup; they charge extra for matzoh; I was going to spring for it anyway, but the "chef selection" was lentil soup, so I decided to try that.

I expected to get a tiny cup of soup like you get with lunch with your pasta at a pizzeria; so you can imagine my surprise when they put this in front of me.

Weiss Deli Cup of Lentil Soup

The soup was piping hot, which isn't really a good thing, as I really wanted to eat it before the sandwich arrived. But I had to wait a bit. It was a pretty good soup; I added salt and ate about 3/4 of it; lentils are filling so I wouldn't be going home hungry even with 1/2 sandwich.

The sandwich came out 5 minutes later. I wasn't even 1/2 done with the soup.

Weiss Half Pastrami Sandwich

Rye bread cut from a freeform loaf; when the slices aren't all exactly the same. At Ben's on Long Island, you get an actual half sandwich. Here, you get 6oz of meat instead of 12 oz.

I didn't expect so much bread, so I trimmed some of it off making it more of a 1/2 sandwich.

Weiss Half Pastrami

They give you a 1/2 pickle; a pretty good half dill but not the 2+ pickle service of yesteryear. They have both deli mustard and. yellow mustard out. Let the customer decide what they want. They have their own brand of mustard, "48", so who knows what it is. It's good.

Weiss Pastrami Open

The pastrami is thin and fatty. Yelpers might whine about the fatty meat, but fat that isn't gristle is what makes great pastrami so good.

Weiss Pastrami close

And this is the good stuff. THIS is what I remember; this was the best pastrami sandwich I've had since Zinger's in Boca Raton a decade ago.

This is what a good pastrami sandwich should look like half eaten. The bread is wet from the fat.

Weiss pastrami3

My server checked on me no less than 4x; she asked if I was finished with this much left; No way; don't you dare take this away from me.

Weiss Pastrami Almost Done

I got my check and happily paid the $20+ with tip; I was full and satisfied.


Weiss Deli is the real deal; good portions, fair prices and attentive service. Nothing fancy; just solid food. Old School.

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