Last Update: Dec 24th, 2023
Circa Las Vegas

Circa Resort & Casino

8 Fremont St
Las Vegas , 89101
(702) 247-2258
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Hours: Open 24/7
Parking: $4 for 6 hours, $4/hr with $25 Max per day


Steps from Fremont Experience
24/7 Deli in house
Adults only


No Kids
Too much "security"
Offensive, loud music
No Free Parking

Critic's Review

The experience at Circa begins with security scanning your drivers license. They claim that it's because Circa is an Adult Only Hotel; no kids allowed. But they don't just check ID; they scan your license, and if you don't have a valid ID they won't let you in.

Inside, I was surprised by Circa. As a new property I expected something new and shiny; something like Resorts World. But Circa feels old. Probably by design, but it didn't appeal to me at all.

Circa Entrance

The neon cowgirl is some sort of theme here; I guess if you lived in Vegas in the 80s it means something to you.

Circa Front Desk

I wanted some cold brew and there's no Starbuck's in this hotel; they have a coffee house that claimed to have cold brew, but I think they just gave me iced coffee. It was $8 and it wasn't very good.

Circa Coffee House

They play loud house music in the casino and it's so offensive I couldn't wait to get out of the place. Sean Paul, Basshunter. Like a bad club.

Circa Casino 1

The crowd is rough around the edges; who likes this kind of music?

Circa Casino 2

They have a huge Sports Book theatre. Not a lot of sports fanaticism in the place.

Circa Sports Book

They have a place that claims to be a Jewish Deli, without the service. It's open 24 hours.

Circa Saginaw

Gambling is the game here, if you can stand the music.

Circa Tables

And added bonus is the Table Dancers; creating a really classy environment.

Circa Table 2

In the rear by the Freemont street exit is the Mega Bar.

Circa Mega Bar

Touted as the "longest bar in Nevada". It is quite long at 165 feet.

Circa Mega Bar is Long

The "Garage Mahal" touted as a technological masterpiece, has no AC (or it's not on). You can sweat it out waiting for your ride share. It was about 96 degrees on this day and it was HOT in the garage.

Circa Garage Mahal


Circa may appeal to some, but it's certainly not my kind of place. I don't like having my license scanned at all; much less as a requirement to entry. And with bad music playing it's just not a place I'd want to eat, gamble or watch sports.

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Tried to get in with photo of ID. Unable. I’m almost 60….obviously the scan is not for age verification
Just avoid the place. Simple.
Jeff T
How can you have a pro of “adults only” and a “con” of no kids. It’s the same thing.
If you have kids it's a "con", if you don't it may be a "pro".
Audry G
No kidding. I had 3 nights booked and we left after the first night. Couldn't stand the place.

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