Last Update: Jan 14th, 2023
China A GoGp Desert Inn

China A Go Go

2466 E Desert Inn Rd
Las Vegas , 89121
(702) 333-0788
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Hours: 11am-9:30pm
Parking: Private Lot
Alcohol: No

Critic's Review

Another day, another failed Chinese take out meal.

This place has locations all over the city, so it must be decent, right? I'm hesitant to get a lunch special; they usually give you dumbed down rice and I wanted to get a feel for their overall talent. So I decided to order pork fried rice. This is my test; if a place can't make good fried rice they can't make anything. Never in the history of the world has a restaurant had great General Tso's Chicken and bad fried rice.

For a fairly large chain, they've made no investment in ordering. Their web site ordering system is broken in both Safari and Chrome. Selecting an item just spews javascript errors.

China aGoGo Ordering

On mobile I couldn't find any way to order from this restaurant. I had to order through grubhub direct; a very generic service but there's no fee. I'm about 10 minutes away so I orderd for ASAP and the order was ready when I got there.

China aGoGo Desert Inn Inside

I asked for mustard; as it turns out, they gave me 1 packet of soy sauce and 1 unwrapped fork with the order, as well as a fortune cookie.

China aGoGo Fried Rice

I opened the food and was overwhelmed by sadness; A decent portion, but obviously this is crap. Not much meat. No bean sprouts. Hardly any egg. Not even enough sauce.

China aGoGo Fried Rice Close

Adding insult to injury, the pork is not the advertised BBQ pork; this is breaded pork.

China aGoGo Not BBQ Pork

Oh, and the mustard was inedible; so hot I couldn't possibly put it on my food. This isn't even worth eating; when you consider how cheap rice is, this was a complete waste of $9.

If you want to know how I turned this pile of rubble into really good fried Rice, stay tuned for a future post on how I did it.

China aGoGo Fried Rice Fixed


From this experience, I don't know how China a Go Go can have so many locations, who is buying this junk? While the prices aren't bad, the food I received was short on ingredients, patently unauthentic, and cheap with the condiments. These people don't care about their customers.

This will be my one and only visit to an China A Go Go establishment.

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