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Dating in Las Vegas

Dating in Las Vegas

Understanding Online Dating Sites Sites

Most of the sites you see advertised on TV are owned by the group that owns

Fake Dating Sites

Online dating sites have been ripping us off for decades; even mainstream dating sites masked email addresses and phone numbers; so even paying members who thought they were giving out their contact info weren't. You wonder if members are active or if they could read their messages. More recently, there are some sites that don't even try to be real; they are ruthlessly deceiving us and stealing our money.

Some rules of thumb; if beautiful women are contacting you right and left, the site is probably fake and run by bots.

How We Review

We create profiles with a variety of types of profiles and see how the results vary. If truly hot guys and old ugly men get the same enthusiastic interest; we know the sites are fake. If we get likes and contacts on a profile with n o pictures; we know the site is fake. If the women will continue to chat endlessly with you no matter how rude we are, we know the site is fake.

By "fake" we mean that the profiles are not real people who are looking to meet someone like you and me. Many of these platforms are run by chat bot AIs, or people who are hired to chat using profiles of models who have sold their photos to the site owners.

The Lucky Date dot com

The Lucky Date is the classic Ukraniian fake dating site with 100s of airbrushed and enhanced photos. While *some* of the women appear to be real, it's also clear that it's not always (if ever) the person in the photos. For example, if we create a new account with the same photos and info and contact someone we chatted with the day before, they'll deny they've ever chatted with you before.

Almost all of the girls are Ukrainian with a few Polish and Chinese girls mixed in. All of the

The Women's Portal is fake aka

There's no more despicable bad actor than, previously and also known as. Almost all of the profiles are fake, and the profiles of the actual real people don't show up in. searches. It's so ridiculous that I wonder how they can host it in the US.

I found this site when I was living in Florida. I rarely spend money, but these sites provide some level of entertainment. I'm pretty savvy about these kind of sites, so I'm skeptical by default. The first thing I noticed is that there are way too many pretty girls for a regular dating site. When 25% of the girls are thin and pretty you don't have a real sample of our society. But more suspicious than that was they all seemed to like me. No matter what picture I put up; old man, hot model, they liked me. That's not real life. Another tell is the preponderance if European people, particularly Russian and Ukrainian. These sites are run by these places.

The next time I noticed is that as soon as I looked at a profile the person would view my profile and then start a conversation. "Looks don't matter". "Would you like to get to know me". Canned responses. This is not how real people communicate. There are also a LOT more women than men on the site, shich isn't how things work in the real world. Too many Euro women for a Las Vegas dating site.

I never spend money on these sites; they give you free tokens to try it out and it's easy enough to just create a new account. You can test the bots by asking multiple questions in 1 message. They can't handle more than one. They also can't answer specific questions. "What's your favorite restaurant in Las Vegas?" Of fool them with a fake landmarks. "Have you been to the Suez Canal yet", and they'll answer "No, but I really want to go". It's ridiculous.

When I decided to move to Vegas I create an account in Vegas and I recognized some of the girls from the Florida location. A bit of sleuthing and it was clear the site is a complete scam.

To Illustrate how fake the site is, I created 2 accounts: 1 in Vegas and .1 in New York. The trick here is that you can only search local profiles, and you can't change your location.You also can't select a remote location; It sets your location based on your IP Address. I had to use a proxy server to create the NY Account.

I put some photos of a random hot girl as I wanted to see if there were any real guys on the site. I was sure to get some interest. But I soon hound out that regular people don't even get complete public profiles.

Once profile

The profile on the left is the full profile I created, and the one on the right is the public view. This is after weeks on the system, so it's not a matter of approval. This was the case with every profile I tested.

The profile also doesnt show up in a public search. So if I create another New York account and search for women 30 yo, this profile doesn't show up. I tried this with 3 or 4 profiles and none of them ever showed up in a search.

Which explains why I didn't get 1 message from a real person on this account. On traditional sites, create a profile with an average looking female and her mailbox will be full in a day. Here, just a bunch of bots.

And how did I know that the profiles were fake? I simply pasted the profile from NY into the Las Vegas site and as you can see, Dominic has identical profiles in Las Vegas and New York.

Once Dominic Fake Profile

No need to have 1000s of fake profiles, just create a couple 100 and regenerate them with different locations and you have global coverage for your product.

I checked one after another and every one of the pretty girls were fake profiles.

Once Pretty Girl Fake Profile

They take their trickery to a new level as they have lots of not so good looking profiles also.

Once Plain Girl Profile

Even the plain overweight girls are fake.

I then created another account inLas Vegas for a 35yo male. I then tried to search for this profile from the female account: Search "Female seeking Male, 35yo - 35yo. It wasn't there. Not the day I created it or a week later.

So not only are you being scammed by the fake accounts, you can't even see the real people who might wanter onto the site.

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