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Whataburger las Vegas


3752 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas , 89158
(775) 421-7784
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Hours: Mon: open 24 hours,Tue: open 24 hours,Wed: open 24 hours,Thu: open 24 hours,Fri: open 24 hours,Sat: open 24 hours,Sun: open 24 hours

Critic's Review

Bobby Flay's Burger Palace closed a few years ago and Whataburger has opened in it's space. I had to give it a try.

The grand opening crowds have dissipated, so it wasn't very crowded at 2pm, I parked at the Park MGM which seems close but it's really quite a haul from the self parking garage to hear. There's not a lot of convenient parking on the strip.

They have a bar up front where you can get a beer with your burger and watch some sports. The real money is in the booze.

Whataburger Las Vegas Bar

The counter reminds you that this is fast food, despite the high prices. $13 for a double cheeseburger.

Whataburger Inside

Kiosks are unavailable, so you'll have to deal with a counterperson.

Whataburger Kiosks

I placed an order and they give you a number. Super original stuff.

Any hope of hanging out on the balcony and enjoying the view of the strip during lunch can be dismissed. The upstairs is closed during the day.

Whataburger Lounge Closed

I wasn't going to eat this whole 900 calorie thing, but I wanted to try it while it was hot. The burgers are pretty big; too big for the wrapping paper. It wasn't just incompetent help; the paper isn't big enough to properly wrap the burger.

Whataburger Wrapped

Opening up the bun showed some not-so-ripe tomatoes and 2 big fast food meat patties and lots of mustard. What's interesting is that mustard in included when you order "with everything", but ketchup is on the side. Everything is backwards at Whataburger.

Whataburger Open

I took a couple of bites and couldn't have been more disappointed. I made a special trip for THIS? This is a whopper I thought. And not the really good flame broiled Whopped you got when they were a young franchise; this is the bland, not juicy meat patty you get at every fast food restaurant

Whataburger Tasted

I didn't put the ketchum on the burger; if it isn't Heinz I don't want it. And it's a good thing; these containers were really hard to open.

Whataburger Ketchup

When ketchip is hard to open you get a mess; it's a good thing I was home so I could wash my hands. I tasted and ketchup and *surprised face here* it wasn't as good as Heinz. I don't know why people keep trying.


Whataburger is overprices fast food on the strip. It's not nearly as good as Shake Shack with is 1 block away. You know what to do.

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