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Oakland A's Las Vegas Stadium Renderings

Major league baseball is coming to Las Vegas. Forget all of the naysayers that claim it's not a done deal; The Oakland A's are moving to Las Vegas with a new stadium to hopefully be ready by 2028.

The Real Story about Why the A's Left Oakland

You hear all kinds of chatter about how bad a guy owner John Fisher is, but the truth is the City didn't provide a feasible proposal. The final proposal, after 5 years of negotiations, was a $12B waterfront megap-project which included redevelopmentt, condos, mixed use commercial buildings. The project was ridden with lawsuits; and it wouldn't be ready until after 2030, which was just too long to wait.

So the A's are moving to Las Vegas and they're building a new stadium. You'll hear ignorant people talk about use of "public fiunds", but this deal is a bargain for the people on Las Vegas. $380M in putlic funds; the A's are pumping 1.2B inti our economy; and all new stadiums get an All-Star game worth $100M+ to the city.

And what a stadium it will be. Renderings are always a bit optimistic, but it looks to be a stunning addition to the strip.

Las Vegas Baseball Stadium 1

I've been surprised by the opposition to iit. We've hear it all.

"The A's Suck"
"The Owner is a bad guy"
"Las Vegas will never support the Oakland As".

None of it matters. People on the strip are from all over the country. Baseball is another reason to come to Vegas. It's also an opportunity for transplants to see their team play. With the new scheduling, they'll play every team at least 2 games; most 3 games. So the Yankees will be in towk, and the Red Sox, and the Dodgers. And the Houston Astros. So no matter where you're front, you'll get to see live baseball here in Las Vegas.

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The Raiders built a stadium and they only play 8 or 9 games a year at home. They've yet to make the playoffs. And the stadium is a huge success. Baseball is every day; 81 home games in 6 months. With Adele tickets going for $845 for the cheapest seats, a $40 ticket to a baseball game will be affordable entertainment for every tourist who comes to town.

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It's a long way off, but it's a lot more fun than a new hotel casino

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