Last Update: Apr 27th, 2022
Planet Hollywood Wide

Planet Hollywood

3667 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas , 89109
(702) 785-5544
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Parking: Self Parking 1st Hour Free, 15 for for hours. Valet: $30

As far as strip properties go, Planet Hollywood is the last place you're likely to find me.

At the entrance, all seems pretty normal. Much like every other lower end property on the strip.

Planet Hollywood Entrance

Something different is that there is no front desk. You'll wait on line to check in at a kiosk.

Planet Hollywood Kiosks Front Desk

A walk through and it's hard to believe anyone would want to come here with so many other options. It's old, seedy.

Planet Hollywood Inside

The crowd is very low end. Sort of like a bad club. Maybe that's the appeal. It's more like a club than a Hotel.

Planet Hollywood Inside 2

There are a number of bars and lounges that fit the low-end club theme.

The clientele here eats at Cafe Hollywood, where you can get breakfast, a burger or a shake.

Planet Hollywood Cafe Hollywood

Pictures of Hollywood celebrities abound. It's what this place is all about.

Cafe Hollywood Inside

The center bar melds into the decors as if it truly belongs.

Planet Hollywood Center Bar

The Heart Bar reminds me of a club in Queens, NY. Probably a lot of people from Queens here tonight.

Planet Hollywood Heart Bar

The dancers on the tables sealed the deal for me; this was not a place for me.

Planet Hollywood Dancer

I didn't check to see if they offered lap dances, not that I'd want one. I headed for Las Vegas Blvd.

Planet Hollywood LVB Entrance

There's a mall attached to the hotel, as is the case with most places on the strip.

Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops

Totally out of place. I can't imagine these people buying anything more than a T-shirt.

Planet Hollywood Mall

The mall is the home of Zappos, where you can see Shania Twain or Nine Inch Nails.

Planet Hollywood Zappos

Up the escalator to the pedestrian bridge; the Professional Bull Riders bar; good grief.

Planet Hollywood PBR Rock Bar

By far the best thing about Planet Hollywood is the walkway that takes you to the Cosmopolitan, a much better property in every way.

Planet Hollywood Walkway To Cosmopolitan

I won't try to explain the people headed in the other direction. Maybe they parked at Planet Hollywood?


When Planet Hollywood first opened in 1991 it was probably a nice tourist trap; a "theme" with pictures of celebrities at a time before the internet when such things weren't something you could pull up on. your phone on demand. Why it still exists; or why anyone would want to come here, are mysteries to me.

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