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Durango Day

Durango Casino & Resort

6915 S Durango Dr
Las Vegas , 89148
(702) 567-7838
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A shiny new casino is open in SW Vegas and I wasn't really excited about it. Early reviewers complained about the smoke and lack of smoke-free areas and that it was way too crowded. Of course when you go opening week that could not be the case for long.

Durango Casino Entrance

On a Friday afternoon the place wasn't too crowded. The first thing I tried to assess was the smoke; while a mild stench was clearly present; it wasn't too bad. Certainly not enough to send be back choking into the parking lot.

Durango Entrance Inside

You can easily miss the front Desk; it looks more like a concierge stand than a front dest.

Durango Front Desk

There's no Starbucks here; you'll have to settle for Vesta Coffee Brewers. A bit less expensive than Starbucks.

Durango Sports Book1

I got a cold brew and it seemed about the same as most other places.

In this little hallway is the BellAir Restaurant, where you'll be greeted by a well-dressed woman.

Durango Bell Aire

More of a lounge with snacks than a restaurant

Durango Bel Aire Menu

Durango Oasis

There is more comfortable seating outside than inside, but on a perfect 71 degree day there was nobody sitting outside.

Durango Outisde Dining

Durango Sports Book

Plenty of slots; something new in Vegas.

Durango Casino Inside

One big negative about this place is they don't seem to care about the 80% of people who don't smoke. There are 2 ashtrays at every station and no non-smoking areas in the casino

Durango Ashtrays

The ppol is nice, but do you really want to stay here if you come to Las Vegas?

Durango Pool

Restaurants and Menus

Prince Street Pizza

Prince Street side

See our Review Here

Uncle Paulie's

Uncle Paulie's calls themselves a Deli, but they're more like an Italian Sub shop. I wasn't paying these prices today.

Durango Uncle Paulies

Uncle paulies menu

Fiorella Pasta

Durango Fiorella Pasta

Fiorella Pasta Menu

Oyster Bar

People who don't know food head to the Oyster Bar; Las Vegas has turned Cajun fare into bowls of slop for cretins pretending they're eating something good. I've tried the OB at Sunset Station and Orleans and I suspect they're all cut from the same cloth.

Durango Oyster Bar

Durango Oyster Bar Menu


Mijo "Modern" Mexican


There's a shortage of lounges in the place; I don't really see this place as a hangout for non-gamblers. The Oasis Bar is nice, but not much of a hot spot.

Durango Oasis

Summary and Conclusions

The big crowds reported in the first weeks this place was open were not unexpected and have since subsided. The place is shiny and new and they have some good food choices. But it's not a place I would want to stay for an extended period; there's gambling everywhere in Las Vegas. This is a nice spot if you happen to live nearby.

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