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Great Buns 1123

Great Buns Bakery

3270 E Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas NV, 89121
(702) 898-0311
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Hours: Mon-Sat 7am-5pm, Closed Sunday
Parking: Private Lot

Critic's Review

I live nearby and I'd never been to Great Buns before; Walmart bread isn't bad and it's cheap. But they don't sell rolls individually. I'd made some really good meatballs and wanted to make a sub for dinner, and I was tired of buying 6 buns only to throw 4 of them away. I don't eat a lot of bread.

I was listending to an interview on satellite radio so I sat in the car a while before I went in; 2 not handicapped people parked in the 1 handicapped spot; a commentary on modern society. People think because they're over 60 they can do whatever they want.

Great Buns Front Door

The place is a big room with bins all around and a central counter. A smell of baking bread fills the air.

Great Buns Las Vegas Interior

Walmart could use some of these; why doesn't Walmart have hand baskets? The special seemed like a good deal, although it's only $1.47 at Walmart for a big french loaf.

Great Buns Hand Baskets

The first think I looked at was Rye bread, something the Walmart across the street doesn't make (they do make it in other stores). Over $6 for a loaf of bread? I was getting a bad feeling about the prices here.

Great Buns Rear

But as I looked at more things the prices seemed reasonable. They have bagels here as well as some pretty nice looking pastires.

Great Buns Bagels

82 cents for a bagel. Cheaper than your neighborhood bagel shop. Einstein's gets $1 a piece if you buy a dozen.

I bought a bagel an tried it with cream cheese, but its not an authentic NY Bagel.

Great Buns Bagel w Cream Cheese

too bread-y for my taste. Didn't really taste like a bagel. Those of us who have lived in NY will just never be happy with bagels made in places like Las Vegas.

Ah, 8" hoagie rolls. Just what I was looking for (we call them Subs in NY).

Great Buns Hoagie Roll

62 cents a piece. not bad. You only save 4 cents if you buy a dozen.

Great Buns line

People were buying all kinds of baguettes and loafs, and I had 1 roll.

I made a meatball sub that night and I have to say the roll was excellent. the ones I buy in the store can't be split open (a bit too crumbly), but this roll was great.

It also tasted better than the regular stoor bread. I'll have to try some other stuff from here.

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