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Krazy Eat Henderson

Krazy Eat

663 North Stephanie St
Henderson , 89014
(725) 301-1305
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Critic's Review

A new Chinese place opens in the area near Costco and I had to give it a try. I've yet to find a go-to place around here.

Ordering on their web site was a big fail; you can't order the lunch special online and the prices look KRAZY; $12.99 for hot and sour soup? At first it seemed impossible. Then I found their printed menu and they have specials for $10.99. No bargain, but not an obstacle to trying the place out. From the Costco parking lot I called in. One of the reasons I like ordering Chinese food online is the communications can be frustrating:

Me: "I'd like to order a lunch special for pickup"
Him; "oh, for pick up. Ok. What do you want"
Me "I'd like the salt and pepper chicken, fried rice and egg drop soup"
Him "Ah, the Number 9"
Me: "Um, maybe. I don't have a menu in front of me"

We went over each item; I had my fingers crossed.

Krazy Eat interior

The order was ready when I got there, but the item I ordered wasn't in the system, so it took longer than I hoped to cash out.

When I got home I opened it up. A good amount of chicken. I'd stopped off on the way home so the food was cold.

Krazy Eat Salt Pepper Chicken

I tasted the chicken to sample the spice, but there was none. Just bettered chicken.

Krazy Eat Egg Drop Soup

The soup was still warm.. I Usually would opt for wonton or hot and sour but they are not options on the lunch menu. For $10.99 you should be able to get the soup you want. This is not really egg drop; it has corn in it. Corn Egg Drop. They should probably mention that. Although it's not bad, it doesn't really taste like egg drop soup.

I heated this up later on. It was a waste of time to reheat the egg roll; it's a lotta nothing. Small, nothing in it worthwhile. Not worth the calories.

Krazy Eat eggroll cut

I couldn't cook the chicken the way salt and pepper chicken is supposed to be as I didn't have any hot peppers in the house. I tossed some bean sprouts and egg and green onions into the rice to make it b bit more appealing.

Krazy Eat Reheated

The problem with the way they made this dish is that you can't eat the dried chilies. You need a lot of edible hot peppers; a mix of fresh green and red is ideal. The green peppers they used weren't very spicy either. There's really no point to salt and pepper chicken if it's not really spicy.


The ala carte prices are too high in this place, and for $11 I'm not going for a conbo with plain rice, a bad egg roll and soup that I don't really want. Nice try, but I doubt I'll come here again.

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