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Jack in the Box

3790 E Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas NV, 89121
(702) 434-0093
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Hours: 7 Days, 6am-10pm
Parking: Private Lot
Outside Dining: No


Cheap Fast Food
Burgers are Very Good


Some things are Not Good

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Review 7/23/23

When I went to college my Mom sold our house and moved into an apartment that was 1 block behind a Jack in the Box. Many a night I stopped in on my way home from clubbing for a Taco Supreme or a breakfast sandwich. I really loved Jack in the Box.

They closed the Long Island locations and misguidedly changed their name to Jack's for a while; I moved to Florida and there were no Jacks in Florida. This year I moved to Las Vegas and Jack in the Box is everywhere. Time to get re-acquainted.

Review 7/23/23

I was driving hom from shopping in Henderson and felt a pang of hunger; unusual for me during the day but I didn't want to fight it. I figured I'd pick up some tacos for 99 cents, and while placing the order I saw I had an offer for $2 onion rings. Why not try them out?

Jack in the box order 0723

Can't go wrong for under $4. If the rings stink I can just throw them out.

In better weather I go into the store to pick up an order , but in 115 degree weather I'll wait on the drive through line in my air conditioned vehicle. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to announce that I was there at the clown, but it seems it doesnt matter.

Jack in the Box Drive in

The order was ready so they just hand it to you and I was off. No awkward exchange of change like in the old days.

I live nearby so everything was hot when I opened the bag. I tasted a ring and they were pretty good; maybe a bit stiff but I've had worse. Certain worth 2 bucks.

Jack in the box Tacos and Onion Rings

The Tacos are ugly but I like them; they're old style and actually more tasty than the "authentic" ones the Mexicans are selling for $4 each.

Jack in the box Taco open

Cheap eats, which is what fast food used to be.

Review 12/23/22

They've been doing a special offer a day until Christmas, and frankly the offers have stunk. Today they had 1$ coffee drinks, which is less than a bottled cold brew in the supermarket. Their gimmick is they have flavored cream; I went for the mocha cream iced coffee for $1.I ordered through the app and picked it up at the drive through on my way home. Barely took 5 extra minutes of my time.

Jacks Mocha Coffee Car

My impression is that it doesn't taste like coffee at all; sort of a watery chocolate milk. Not bad, but I'd prefer coffe with a hint of chocolate which is what I was expecting.

Review 9/12/22

I got a notify from my app for 2 Tacos for 99 cents. They no longer have the beloved Taco Supreme on the menu, but for this price I figured I'd try the tacos. I ordered on the app on my way home from shopping and the tacos were ready when I got here.

Jacks bag

Out of the bag they don't look like much; they're nothing like the "authentic' tacos everyone is trying to sell now. These are American tacos; with chopped meat, lettuce and taco sauce.

Jacks Taco

I took a bite and memories shot back into my head. This was the same taste as the glorious Taco Supreme. A unique flavor; this is what we thought Tacos were before the Mexicans starting throwing fresh cilantro and soft taco shells at us.

Jacks Taco Open

It sure doesn't look like much, but I really like these. A cheap snack; spicy with some flavor. Go figure.

Review 9/5/22

Feel like a breakfast sandwich at 4pm? You can get one all day at Jack in the Box.

I ordered on the app and picked up at the window. It was ready in minutes. It doesn't take long to cook an egg in a microwave.

Jacks Window

A pretty lame looking sandwich.

Jacks Breakfast Sandwich

I used to get these at 3am back in the day; everything tastes better when you're drunk and starving. Not as good when you're just looking for some fuel.

Jacks Breakfast Sandwich Open

This sandwich was quite disappointing. Ham, egg and cheese can be quite good on a good roll with good ham, but this just fell short. I won't be ordering this again anytime soon.

Review 8/13/22

When you sign up for the Jack in the Box app, you get all kinds of offers. Today's offer was for a $2 Jumbo Jack hamburger. I figured I'd give it a try.

It was my first time using the app; I wasn't sure what would happen if I ordered and went to the drive thru and it wasn't ready, so I picked up at the counter.

Jack in the Box Counter

It wasn't ready when I got there, which kind of ticked me off, since I wasn't early. I had to wait about 10 minutes.

You can eat in here, but it wasn't something I considered for even 1 minute.

Jack in the box Dining Area

I live nearby so I expected it to be hot out of the box.

Jumbo Jack Boxed

The bun looked particularly good. And no shredded lettuce? Only In-n-Out uses fresh iceberg, I thought.

Jumbo Jack Take Out

Nice ripe tomatoes. I had to look at the box again; this was Jack in the Box? I expected some smashed bun with salad bar tomatoes. This thing looked pretty good.

Jumbo Jack Open

And it fact it was good. Better than anything I've had at In-n-Out or Sonic since I've been in Las Vegas.

Jumbo Jack

Not a big juicy burger of course, but for $2 a veritable choice for lunch or a snack.

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