Last Update: Oct 15th, 2023
Cheba Hut Henderson

Cheba Hut

470 N Stephanie StSte 100
Henderson NV, 89014
(725) 258-3420
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Hours: 7 Days, 10-12am
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Has WiFi: Yes
WiFi Password: Unknown
Outside Dining: No


Good Toasted Bread
Fair Pricing


Long Wait
Light on the Meat

Critic's Review

I've heard a bit about this place and I was in the mood for an Italian sandwich. They don't have an offering with everything I want, but I'd make due with one of their offerings.

I was going to order online, but I really don't like paying in advance. It doesn't take long to make a sandwich, right? Their menu is kind of interesting; apparently Chicken and Turkey isn't "Meat". Their online menu allows you to leave a comment; but it also says "No Price Altering Substitutions". They don't tell you what's available or what changes would be price altering, so how can you know you'll get the changes you ask for?

In the space formerly occupied by Euphoria Salon and Day Spa; this place is located across the street from Total Wine and Home Goods.

Cheba Henderson Entrance

Walking in, I was surprised that they have a bar. Bars are where the real money is.

Cheba Hut Henderson Bar

Another place with no printed menus. Bring your glasses if you're not 20/20. I'd pre-decided on the Italian; all the subs have fancy names here, but I just ordered the Italian with "the works";

I ordered it to go, but the receipt said "dine in". I pointed this out to the counterperson.

They all say dine in. They'll call your name when it's ready.

Ok. I wondered why they could show it correctly on the kitchen display but not on the receipt, but worst case I'd have to ask them to bag it.

Cheba Hut Henderson Waiting

Waiting, Waiting..I noticed a lot of people sitting at tables without food; they give you a number and bring out your food if you dine in. They play really bad music which makes the waiting worse: "Messy Love", The Snotty Nose Rez Kids. Warren G. "Cheba" of course is Marijuana; so the music doesn't really fit. Maybe you're supposed to be high when you come here? And no, you can't buy or smoke Pot in here. It's just a theme.

The kitchen here is an exercise in inefficiency. The bread here is toasted, so that takes a couple of minutes, but after 15 minutes I was becoming a bit perturbed.

Cheba Hut Kitchen

I could see the rate at which the orders were coming out, and it was pitiful.

Finally, I saw a girl with a bag and I hoped it was mine. They called my name; just 21 minutes after ordering.

I wanted to taste it while it was hot; I had to hit Trader Joe's before heading home. I opened it up in the car.

Cheba Italian

Some truth in advertising; the bread is really good. But an Italian without mustard makes no sense to. me; I'd have to dress this when I got home.

A bit of Gulden's makes a difference. I could have asked for mustard; and I usually order banana peppers on an Italian, but they don't tell you what's available anywhere on their menu.

Cheba Hut Italian Mustard

This 4" sub was enough for lunch and is $6.79 plus tax. One of the cheaper options in the city.


Cheba Hut makes decent sandwiches, but the lack of a really good Italian knocks them down a notch. But the wait is the real negative; it shouldn't take longer to make a sandwich than to eat it.

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