Last Update: Mar 29th, 2024
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How T-Mobile Botched the Free MLB.TV Benefiit

Last year was my first year on T-Mobile, and just before the season started, they announced a "benefit" of the full season of MLB-TV for free. Of course my annual subscription renewed on Feb 28, so I'd already paid for a year. I logged into T-Mobile, opened a support chat and an agent told me he could get me a refund. After exchanging my MLB.TV account info, I had a refund of my $149 the next morning. A slight pain, but well worth the $149.

On March 2, my MLB.TV account stopped working, just in time for spring training. I contacted T-Mobile and they said they thought the subscription would be good for a year, but apparently not. I asked if they'd be offering it again this year; I could pay for a month by month subscription and cancel when I got my T-Mbbile account; but they couldn't verify that they would be offering it. You cant't get your money back if you switch from monthly to yearly so they didn't seem like an option. I wasn't going to miss 26 Televised pre-season games, so I paid for the year, figuring I'd get the refund if they offered it again.

But things have changed.

This year (2024), T-Mobile and MLB have crafted a policy designed to not give you a refund even though they say you're entitled if you already paid. The official policy says that in order to get the refund, you have to cancel your MLB.TV subscription before March 22nd. The problem is they didn't announce the benefit until March 26th, so how could you know this? This is a case of a company wanting to say they have this great benefit, but creating a policy that allows them, to not have to honor it. My guess it was at the request of MLB; they make $Billions but they don't really want to do this deal in an honorable way. The fact that you only have a few days to get this "benefit" just shows they're hoping you don't notice it in time to take advantage of it. Most real baseball fans had their MLB.TV renewed on March 1, so there are a LOT of T-Mobile customers in this boat.

Luckily I got an agent on the phone who went to bat for me (so to speak) arguing that the policy was unfair, and they ended up giving me a $149 credit on my account. Was it worth over an hour on the phone? You make the call.

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