Last Update: Oct 11th, 2023
Panera Eastern

Panera Bread

6081 S Eastern Ave
Las Vegas , 89119
(702) 831-4880



Panera bread is now open on Eastern by Lowes and Walmart. I went to many Panera locations when I was in Florida and frankly I've never been impressed. I don't like their coffee and they have probably the worst Ice Tea I've ever had.

[show_photo file="panera_tea.jpg

I also tried their chili and black beans once; didn't like either one.

Panera combo

The bread bowls are pretty cool, the broccoli cheese I originally described as "decent". probably not very cheesy.

Panera bread bowl

I got a special blue cheese steak salad one time. I had a great version of this at Boston's in Delray Beach a decade ago; but this version was really bad.

Panera breadbowl close

The dressing, which they decribed as a "cabernet reduction" was so sweet that it ruined the salad.

After a few visits I gave up, even when they tried to give me free stuff. I'll probably try this place, but I'm not too excited about it.

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