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Sun Bathing in the Desert

Forget the Masks; Get your Vitamin D

If you get your info from CNN or MSNBC or the New York Times, you probably think that wearing a mask will protect you from getting the virus; and you don't know the most important things; like what you ACTUALLY need to do to protect yourself from the Covid19 virus.

The most recent study shows that simply taking vitamin D (or getting out into the sun every day) can reduce your chance of getting Covid19 by 77%.

The study is here.

Also, take Zinc. Honest doctors who aren't trying to convince you to vote for Biden are recommending that you take a zinc and Vitamin D supplement daily to protect yourself from the virus.

If the news source you get your info from hasn't conveyed this info to you, it's because they want you to be scared and they don't care if you get sick.


The Boston Herald published a story on how sunshine can reduce your risk for COVID-19. I said this on April 20 when they were closing beaches.

Vitamin D Can Help Reduce Coronavirus Risk by 54%

Vitamin D


There's this dumb narrative that links beaches with COVID-19, mostly by the fake news media that desperately wants the country shut down. If the beach is so crowded that you're licking sweat off of people involuntarily, then yes, it could be bad. But even at a crowded beach in 85 degree weather where you're not coming into any contact with other people, it's very unlikely that you'll contract a virus. You're generally not touching things that other people touch (like you are at a supermarket). Your chances of getting an airborne virus in hot, humid weather is remote; you get it from getting it on your hands (or gloves) and touching your eyes or mouth. The beach may be one of the safest places to be. Plus sunshine is good for your immune system. You'll be healthier if you spend 2 hours at the beach every day than if you sit in your air-conditioned apartment. The difference between COVID-19 being a bad cold and a serious problem is how well your immune system is functioning. If you're sitting at home and are depressed and stressed out thinking about how terrible everything is, you're more likely to have a compromised immune system.

Ever Been to a Spring Break?

If you've ever been to spring break, you know that these fine young citizens aren't spending the evening watching Netflix in their hotel rooms. They're partying in bars, making out with random people, and having sex with random people for a week. THAT is how you get COVID-19 (and an STD); from exchanging fluids with people who have been exchanging fluids with lots of other people.

Interestingly, nobody in the media ever points this out; as if the entirety of Spring Break occurs at the beach. It's just another political narrative that liberals are too dumb to understand.

OPEN THE BEACHES, for Pete's Sake. You're not getting a virus walking down the beach.

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